About Us

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Inner Oasis – Mind, Body, Spirit is Co-owned by Irene Stewart and Joanne Atwood; two retirees who said, “We can do this!” Irene is generally behind the scenes taking care of the accounting. Joanne is most often on the floor happily greeting our guests.

Inner Oasis is based upon a metaphysical philosophy, set up with Feng Shui, and provides a wide range of products and events – something for everyone.

Products range from kitchenware and gadgetry, through Solmate Socks (mismatched with care), singing bowls, Native American handcrafted items and much more. Events include intuitive readers, a meditation group, American Flute and handcraft classes, etc.

Drop us a note (inneroasisonine@gmail.com), check our website (www.inneroasis-mindbodyspirit.com), sign up for our e-newsletter, pick up a printed monthly calendar, or regularly check this blog site.

Everyone is welcome at Inner Oasis.