Espro French Coffee Presses

New Espro Products at Inner Oasis

Stainless Steel Coffee Presses in 32 oz, 18 oz and 8 oz
Stainless Steel Coffee Presses in 32 oz, 18 oz and 8 oz

Espro, from our neighbors in Canada, make an outstanding coffee (or tea) press – now carried by Inner Oasis – Mind, Body, Spirit.

The double filter
The double filter




Espro Stainless Steel Presses are double walled to keep the heat in.All presses have double baskets… no more floaters!

Espro's Glass Coffee Press
Espro’s Glass Coffee Press

Espro has just come out with a new glass version of their superior press; a stainless steel frame holds the glass container. The best news: this glass is 40% stronger than normal glass. No more breakage!

And for travelers….                               Espro’s new travel press.

It’s easy. Place 3 to 4 Tbsp. coffee in the bottom of your press.                                     Add hot water to “max” line.                                                                    Cover with filters (optional).

Black Mat Travel  Black Mat Travel Press
Black Mat Travel Press

Twist on the lid.                                            Wait 4 minutes.                                              Press down slowly.

Enjoy your freshly brewed hot coffee (or tea).

Stainless Steel Travel Press
Stainless Steel Travel Press


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